single channel loop detector

Single Channel loop detector

traffic loop detector

Traffic Loop Detector

magnetic loop detector

Magnetic Loop Detector

vehicle loop detector

Vehicle Loop Detector

inductive loop detector

Inductive Loop Detector

  • traffic loop detector

    Noble traffic loop detector project in South America

    October 2016

    Description:This is Noble traffic loop detector project in South America.This project has 40 junctions, including traffic loop detector,300mm arrow traffic single light,300mm pedestrian traffic light,intelligent traffic controller with detector function...[...]

  • inductive loop detector

    Noble single channel loop detector project in Malaysia

    October 2016

    Description:This is inductive loop detector in Malaysia Project . We’ve installed about 6 Underground parking garage.The main products are inductive loop detector , parking system and so on.[...]


  • loop detectors

    Noble loop detector project in Singapore

    October 2016

    Description:This is loop detector in Singapore Project . We’ve installed about 6 Underground parking garage.The main products are loop detector,parking system,This project we participated in the technical guidance throughout the technology, very smooth installation is completed, the customer is very satisfied with our vehicle detector..[...]

Company Profile

Established in 2008, Shenzhen Noble Opto Co.,Ltd, has grown to become one of  the most advanced and loop detector factoryinnovative high-tech company within the road traffic safety equipment industry in China. With a rich experience of designing and manufacturing high quality and pratical ITS to worldwide corporations or organizations.

Noble is devoting to make the road more safer. So, we Never stop researching & developing , manufacturing &Supplying a wide variety of road traffic safety & vehicle access control products. Such as , single channel loop detector,loop detectors,gate loop detector,magnetic loop detector,ground loop detector,Traffic Loop Detector,magetic loop detectors,Inductive Loop Detector which widely using in road construction, junctions, parking lot, toll station, airport, railway station, subway, hospital, stadiums, school zoon etc. Besides, with 8 years experience of Security & Protection Industry, Noble offers professional traffic management, solar traffic system solution & traffic re-built solutions & installation instructions.

Noble’s goal: Quality first, customer oriented, mutual trust, qualified company. Create energy saving brand “NOBLE”.